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  • Media roll cart for paper rolls MVR01

    The mobile vinyl rack is used to put away the scattered media rolls in your printing rooms.We provide three different styles of rack for your choice:MVR01-12,MVR01-16,MVR01-20.

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  • Spin Type Take Up System K8

    Take up system K8, double-pipe holder structure, damped slipping take up; suitable for large

    media diameter up to φ280mm ; apply to any printers. Normal size: 54”, 64”,74”…

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  • Tension Free Feeding System F8

    Feeding system F8, damped slipping feeding, torque adjustable; Double-pipe structure, universal linking slab, apply to any printers.Normal size: 54”, 64”,74”…

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  • Textile Take-up Feeding C2

    Textile take-up & feeding system C2,  roll-to-roll system to rebuit ordinary digital printer into direct-to fabric printer. Also help to solve the problem of soften chemical fabrics without elasticity, such as advertising banner, flags, chiffons and leather available… Normal size: 64”,74”,104”…

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