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  • PP Hollow Board Cutter NC03

    Comfortable holding, easy to use, and ergonomic design.
    Two use modes can be convenient to switch, so that they can fit different use occasions.
    The knife head is easy for replacement, and each set equipped with two replaceable blades for easy replacement.

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  • Heating Textile Cutter HC101

    Heating cutter HC101, special designed for chemical fabric. Synchronized cutting and ironing. No running, no peeling off, no rough edge, to promote the post-processing. Easy to operate.

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  • Media roll holder CF01

    Cutting and laminating heavy materials in post-production, it provides the functions of loosening and unwinding. Easy pulling to improve work efficiency.

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  • Automatic Take-up Reel System T1

    Take up reel system T1, inductive tension bar and sensor design, also suitable for heavy material ≤50kg; DC 24V motor drive, neat rolling, durable life. Normal size: 54”, 64”,74”…

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  • Spin Type Take Up System K5

    Take up system K5, universal linking slab, apply to most printers; damped take up, torque adjustable; segmented holder track, reduce packing size, save transport expense; Normal size: 54”, 64”,74”…

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  • Spin Type Take Up System K3

    Automatic Take up system K3, damped take up system, improved through-hole to fix removable track, DC 12V motor drive, universal linking slab, apply to most printers in global market. Normal size: 54”, 64”,74”…

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  • Tension Type Feeding System F3

    Feeding system F3, sensor and inductive tension bar structure, especially for heavy material ≤50KGS, neat feeding. DC 24V motor drive, durable life, suitable for global market; Normal size: 54”, 64”,74”…

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  • Hot Air Print Dryer H6

    Media dryer H6, equipped ceramic heating moudle to dry different printed material. Constant temperature control, low power consumption, Independent stand, apply to any printer. Normal size: 54”, 64”,74”…

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  • DTG Pretreatment Machine PM01

    Pre-treatment machine PM01, a device to spray coating liquid uniformly through the internal nozzles before Direct To Garment printing, to avoid uneven hand spraying. Less dosage, consistent effect, high speed, save time and cost.

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  • Foot operated sanitizer stand GS103-HS

    It is used to remind people to wash their hands.

    Spec: 1000mm

    Graphic: PET

    Other spec: N/A

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