Media roll holder CF01

  • Specification: CF01-700

    Suggest unwinding material width ≤1200mm

    Test experience: Easy pulling.

  • Specification: CF01-1000

    Suggest unwinding material width ≤1600mm

    Test experience: Easy pulling.

    Tips: Two sets of CF01-700 can be used for more than 1600mm materials.

  • 6063# aluminum alloy, strong structure, 360°running, easy pulling.

  • The bottom with large area anti-slip mat, which can be operated in glass table.

  • The base width is 180mm, suit for a full roll material diameter <300mm.

Aecfun-Media Roll Holder
Product NameMedia Roll Holder
Product ModelCF01-700CF01-1000
Working PatternManualManual
Product Length28″39″
Heating tube3pcs3pcs
Bearing Weight35KG35KG
Available roll width≤1200mm≤1600mm
Product Packing
Carton SizeCarton:730(W)x120(D)x195mm(H)Carton:1030(W)x120(D)x195mm(H)
Packing Quantity1pcs/ctn1pcs/ctn
Net Weight2.7kg3.6kg
Gross Weight3.2kg4.3kg
Product Shiping Specs
20GP(General Purpose Container)1400pcs1120pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container)2900pcs2320pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container)3400pcs2720pcs
Express ServiceAvailableAvailable
Product Maintenance
CertificationCE Certification
Warranty180days (exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)


1. Two sizes which meet the need of different requirements and can be used together.

2. It adopts 6063# aluminum alloy and a reinforced structure of 5 beams.

3. Bearing weight: 35KGS.

4. 360°no dead angle. No front and back directions which can be rotated by all directions.

5. The bottom with large area anti-slip mat, which can be operated on glass table.


1. Q: What materials are available? What is the weight of the materials?

A: Car stickers, photo, PP, film and other roll materials, bearing weight: 35KGS.

2. Q: How many size do you have?

A: There are two sizes, 700mm and 1000mm.

3. Q: Can we use the materials longer than 1m?

A: Generally, CF01-700 is better for material width ≤1.2m, and CF01-1000 is better for material width ≤1.6m.

For example, 1.6m materials , you can choose one CF01-1000 or two CF01-700.

4. Q: Can we use two holders together?

A: Yes. You can use two holders together for long materials.

5. Q: What material is the media roll holder made of? Is it strong?

A: Steel plates and aluminum alloy. Very strong.

6. Q: Does it take a lot of effort to pull the material?

A: It is very easy to pull by the three round tubes. The tubes will roll 360°under pulling.

7. Q: What other advertising materials are suitable for use?

A: There are many materials and different names. You can contact the salesman.

8. Q: Will it slip if placed on a glass table?

A: A large area of non-slip mat is added at the bottom, which can be operated on the glass table.

9. Can a larger size be customized?

A: We can provide OEM customization if your quantity is enough.

Media roll holder, used for cutting and laminating heavy materials in post-production, it provides the functions of loosening and unwinding. Simple structure, take small space and removable.

For example, one roll of car stickers need to be cut 10 sheets of 1m long; One roll of poster need to be cut one by one. It will be difficult to loosen materials directly by hand. Then a rack is better for unwinding. The rack with roller and easy to rotate. You can pull as much as you wanted materials, without wasting. It is very suitable for adverting studio, sign shop and auto stores.

Model Number

CF01-1000mm, CF01-700mm


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