Media roll cart for paper rolls MVR01

  • These components make up of MVR01

    1. Base with four wheel

    2. EVA scratch-resistant bars

    3. Plastic retaining rings

  • Easy Assembly

    Insert the bar into the hole in the base and tighten the knob.This process does not require tools.

  • Arc-shaped Corner

    The rounded corners prevent damage from collisions and ensure safe use.

  • Swivel Caster

    The swivel caster allow rack to move in any direction.The pedal brake in the caster stop it from moving,when it is put on floor.

  • EVA Scratch-resistant Head

    EVA head can resist scratches when you put in or take out the vinyl rolls.

  • Plastic Retaining Ring

    Small circlip diameter is 80mm. It is suitable for vinyl rolls with a diameter of 85-110mm.

    Big circlip diameter is 110mm. It is suitable for vinyl rolls with a diameter of 115-140mm.

Aecfun-Mobile Vinyl Rack
Product NameMobile Vinyl Rack
Product ModelMVR01-12MVR01-16MVR01-20
Layout Design4×34×44×5
Number Of Rolls12 rolls16 rolls20 rolls
Product Size580(W)x580(D)x550mm(H)580(W)x680(D)x550mm(H)580(W)x780(D)x550mm(H)
Product Packing
Carton SizeCarton:590(W)x590(D)x250mm(H)Carton:690(W)x590(D)x250mm(H)Carton:790(W)x590(D)x250mm(H)
Packing Quantity1pcs1pcs1pcs
Net Weight7kg9kg11kg
Gross Weight10kg13kg15kg
Product Shiping Specs
Express ServiceAvailableAvailableAvailable
Product Certification
CertificationCE certification
Warranty Period365days (exclude force majeure,aritificial factors)

MVR01-12,12 rolls materials available;

MVR01-16,16 rolls materials available;

MVR01-20,20 rolls materials available.

2) Two inner diameters for you to choose, complying with the international standards:

φ2 inches(φ48-53mm) / 3 inches(φ75-80mm)

3) Aluminium alloy material with good bearing weight.

4) High quality universal wheels are on the bottom, pushing the materials so easily towards any directions.

5) Application: Advertising coiled materials: PP、Photographic paper、Car sticker、cold laminating film….

1. Q: What’s the function of mobile vinyl rack?

A: To store advertising coiled material, tidy the workshop, make the material orderly.

2. Q:What material can store?

A: As long as paper core is right size, such as: PP, photographic, car sticker, laminating film, etc…

3. Q: What’s the available diameter of paper tube core?

A: 2” & 3”. (Take off the black EVA sponge to 2”)

4. Q: What’s the space between every stick?

A: 2.8” (70mm)

5. Q: What’s the height of the stick?

A: 22” (550mm)

6. Q: What’s the thickness for the base?

A: 1.3” (32mm)

7. Q: How about the shipping volume? Is easy to install?

A: Assemble type, small shipping volume, easy to install.

8. Q: Is the unit strong enough?

A: Yes, it has past stability test, good bearing performance.

9. Q: If the material only left half, will it be scattered when put onto the rack?

A: Actually, every rack has two type snap rings for fixing the material.

MVR01-12, 12pcs for both large and small snap rings.
MVR01-16, 16pcs for both large and small snap rings.
MVR01-20, 20pcs for both large and small snap rings.

10. Q: How many types of the rack?

A: 3 types. Generally, MVR01-12 is widely used. Users could choose according to its real requirement.

MVR01-12, 4*3 arrangement, 12pcs sticks for 12pcs material.
MVR01-16, 4*4 arrangement, 16pcs sticks for 16pcs material.
MVR01-20, 4*5 arrangement, 20pcs sticks for 20pcs material.

11. Q:Does it has wheel in the bottom?

A: Yes, 4pcs wheels for convenient moving.

12. Q:Can buy the snap rings seperately?

A: Yes. Every types has standard snap rings. If further need, plsease extra buy it.

Vinyl rolls cart is used to store PP paper rolls/vinyl rolls, making the workshop more neat, and the material classification more ordered, using space effectively.

Reduce printing material waste caused by random stacking.


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