Infrared Heating Tube Print Dryer H7

  • Heating principle

    Air is drawn into the heating chamber from the inlet, heated by the infrared heating tube inside, and then exits from the air outlet.

  • Air outlet

    The upper and lower rows are the air outlets, and inside the middle wire mesh is the heating tube.

  • Air inlet


  • Two model for drying

    The dryer can blow hot or cold air according to your requirement.

Aecfun-Media Dryer H7
Product NameMedia Dryer
Product ModelH7
Applicable Width64″/74″(1600/1800mm)
Working PatternWind&heat in one
Input Voltage220V
Working Voltage220V
Working Power1400/1500W
Product Packing
Carton SizeCarton:64″-2180(W)x350(D)x230mm(H)
Packing Quantity1pcs/cnt
Net Weight15/16kg
Gross Weight17.5/20kg
Product Shiping Specs
20GP(General Purpose Container)64″-160pcs/ 74″-120pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container)64″-340pcs/ 74″-300pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container)64″-374pcs/ 74″-330pcs
Express ServiceAvailable
Product Maintenance
CertificationCE Certification
Warranty365D(exclude force majeure,aritificial factors)

1.Independent placed, conveniently mobile, apply to any printers. Such as Roland HP、Roland FJ740/RA640/RS640/RF640,MUTOH VJ1938/VJ1604/VJ1638, MIMAKI JV33, EPSON GS6000、Canon….

2.Application materials: PP, transfer-paper, pictorial cloth,car sticker, wallpaper, adhesive sticker,banner, chemical fabrics without elasticity, etc….


Ⅰ.Fit for different condition demand, such as heavy ink printing.

Ⅱ.Up and down outlets, ensure fast and uniform drying.

Ⅲ.Since both input and output voltage is 220V, please use voltage transformer if your voltage is 110V.

1. Q:What heating method does media dryer H7 use?

A:Quartz tube, infrared heating.

2. Q: What size do you have?

A: Two sizes: 64”-1600mm and 74”-1800mm.

3. Q: How many heating tubes on each machine?

A: One tube.

4. Q: How about the working voltage?

A: Working voltage: 220v;  Input voltage: 220v. Three plugs optional: Chinese standard, British standard, European standard.

5. Q: What’s the heating power?

A:64”: 1400W;74”: 1500W.

6. Q: Is the temperature adjustable?

A: The temperature is adjustable within 50~55℃.

7. Q: Does the dryer need to connect with our printer?

A: No,independent stand, no need to connect with printer.

8.Q: How about the warranty?

A:12 months. Warranty part: temperature control circuit board.

9.Q:What’s the consumable part?

A:Heating tubes, fans.

10 Q:Is the heating tube easy to be replaced?


11. Q:May I have your CE certificate?

A: Sure.

12.Q:How about the difference between H7 and H6?

A:H7 is infrared heating and H6 is ceramic heating module.

The printer dryer H7 can dry different media, with far infrared heating tube, wind and hot air drying, adjustable temperature, low power consumption, high efficiency.


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