DTG Pretreatment Machine PM01

  • Special Instruction

    The coating liquid is mainly to make the clothing image more excellent and have high color fastness. Please choose the high quality coating liquid

    Low level alarm(When the liquid is under certain position, the warning lights comes on ).

    It is recommended to open the cleaning button after the daily spraying work.The cleaning function is automatically completed and the machine can be effectively maintained for a long time.

  • Front of machine

    1. Power switch(left), Working switch(right)

    2. Working model: Flush,Stop,Spray

    3. Waste discharge outlet.

  • Back of machine

    1. Low level warning light

    2. Motor speed regulation

    3. Throttle

    4. Coating liquid,clean liquid

  • Platen

    Platen size:480x320mm

Aecfun – Pre-treatment Machine PM01
Product NamePretreat Machine
Product ModelPM01
Number Of Spray Nozzle1pcs
Platen Size480x320mm
Input Voltage100-240V
Working Voltage24V
Working Power120W
Coating Liquid Volume3.5L
Product Packing
Carton SizeWooden case:1002(W)x562(D)x746mm(H)
Product Qulity1pcs
Net Weight45kg
Gross Weight85kg
Product Shiping Specs
Express Serviceavailable
Product Certification
CertificationCE certification
Warranty Period365days (exclude force majeure,aritificial factors)

1) Platen size: 480*320mm(12.6”*18.9”). Application for most of DTG printing.

2) Dimension: 885*430*580mm. The machine fits for puting one the table with proper size.

3) With DC 24V adaptor changing input voltage 110-240V, widely used in most countries.

4) Power: 72W. Low power and saving electricity .

5) Equipped with 1 spray nozzle inside, the coating liquid can be evenly sprayed. Improving the T-shirt processing quality.

6) With electric injection system, achieve fast spraying, up to 5s/time(adjustable), which is 5 times as fast as spraying by hand.

7) Two 3.5L coating liquid containers, one for coating liquid, one for cleaning liquid.

8) With low level warning light, when the liquid is under certain position, the warning lights comes on.

9) Application: Garment shop, DIY T-shirt shop. DTG Printing: Cloth bags, T-shirt, Jean, hoodies

1. Q: Is it easy to install?

A: Do not need to install, take out the machine from wooden box, then plug in.

2. Q: What’s the main parts?

A: Pretreatment machine*1, power line*1, water tube*1.

3. Q: Is it electric spraying?

A: Yes.

4. Q: Is it easy to operate?

A: Yes. Even for the green hands.

5. Q: Do you have operate video?

A: Sure, you can find it in our website or just ask our seller.

6. Q: Do we need to adjust the parameters?

A: No, one key operation.

7. Q: How many nozzles do you have?

A: One.

8. Q: Is the nozzle fixed when it is working?

A: It is back and forward moveable by electric when spraying the coating liquid.It is stopped when spraying the cleaning liquid.

9. Q: What’s the size of platen?

A: 480*320mm( bigger than A3)

10. Q: Does the spray area can be adjusted?

A: No.

11. Q: Is it one-way spraying or double-way spraying?

A: Double-way spraying. After testing, the one-way spraying effect is not good enough for T-shirt printing.

12. Q: How about the spraying volume?

A: Factory setting: 30ML. (Motor speed controller setting: 100)

13. Q: How about the spraying speed for one T-shirt?

A: Fastest speed: 5s.

14. Q: Can we adjust the spray volume?

A: Yes. You can adjust the motor speed controller to adjust.The larger the number, the speed faster, the spray volume smaller.The smaller the number, the speed lower, the spray volume larger.More parameters, you can check the instruction.

15. Q: Is 110V available? How about the power?

A: Yes. AC100~260V, 50HZ/60HZ, 120W.

16. Q: How about the power?

A: 120W.

17. Does the machine need to maintain?

A: Yes. The coating liquid with grains and viscidity. We suggest cleaning the nozzle and pipeline everyday.

18. Q: How to clean the nozzle and pipeline?

A: After finishing the daily work, press the cleaning button to clean the machine, it takes about 5-10s.

19. Q: Do we need to buy special cleaning liquid?

A: No, just water.

20. Q: How to deal with the waste ink?

A: Open the waste discharge outlet, discharge the waster ink, then dry the machine inner.

21. Q: Does the machine need special coating liquid?

A: No, any brand. The coating liquid is mainly to make the clothing image more excellent and clearer. Please choose the high quality coating liquid.

22. Q: Do you sell the coating liquid?

A: No. We just sell the DTG pretreatment machine.

23. Q: What’s the buzzing?

A: This is the low level alarm. Please check the container in the back of machine, when the liquid is under certain position, the warning lights comes on with buzzing, which reminds you of adding liquid again.

24. Q: How many container of your machine? How about the volume?

A: Two containers. One coating liquid container: 3500ML. One cleaning liquid container: 3500ML.

Direct To Garment Pre-treatment PM01 can automatically pretreat garments before garment, T-shirt, printing. Same effect, less dosage, high speed, save time and cost.


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