PP Hollow Board Cutter NC03

  • Complete set

    1.Cutter NC03(1pc)

    2.Inner hexagon spanner(1pc)

    3.Replace blades(2pcs)

  • Function.1:grooving

    Insert the metal -guided rod ① into the PP hollow board and pull backwards to groove.

  • The effect after grooving

    1. Cut a groove in PP hollow board to fold a right angle.

    2. Cut multiple in PP hollow board to fold a rounded corner.

  • Function.2:cutting

    Insert the metal -guided rod ②into the PP hollow board and pull backwards to cut.

  • Blade exchange

    1. Use the inner hexagonal wrench to unscrew the two nuts on the head of the cutter head.

  • Blade exchange

    2. Open the cutter head cover and blade cover

  • Blade exchange

    3. Take out the old blade and replace the new blade.

  • Blade exchange

    4. Place the new blade into blade slot, close the blade cover and head cover. Tighten the nut in clockwise.

  • Mode switch

    The direction of the blade can be changed from “pull” to “push”.

  • Mode switch

    1. Use the inner hexagonal wrench to unscrew the two nuts on the head of the cutter head.

  • Mode switch

    2. Remove the cutter head cover.

  • Mode switch

    3. Take out the blade module and turn it back, and then put back.

  • Mode switch

    4. Close the blade cover and tighten the nut in clockwise

  • Product size

    185x25x90mm(W x D x H)

  • Packaging information

    Outer package (carton)

AECFUN PP Hollow Board Cutter NC03
Product NamePP hollow board cutter
Product ModelNC03
Cutting Thickness4mm/5mm
Product Packing
Carton SizeCarton:230(W) x 120(D) x 30mm(H)(1pc)

Carton:490(W) x 180(D) x 260mm(H)(20pcs)

Packing Quantity20pcs/ctn
Gross Weight200g(1pc)


Product Shiping Specs
20GP(General Purpose Container)16000pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container)36000pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container)45200pcs
Express ServiceAvailable
Product Maintenance
CertificationCE Certification

1. What is the effect of cutter?

A: You can cut the groove on the corrugated plastic plate or easily cut the plastic plate along the line.

2. What is the usage of grooves on the corrugated plastic board?

A: You can use these grooves to fold the plate from the plane into an angle to make any shapes.

3. Is the blade specialized?

A: Yes.

4. What should I do if the blade is broken?

A: Each set of notching cutter is included in two sets of spare blades. Users can easily replace it by themselves. If all the spare blades are used up, you can buy the blades from us directly.

1. Comfortable holding, easy to use, and ergonomic design.
2. Two use modes can be convenient to switch, so that they can fit different use occasions.
3. The knife head is easy for replacement, and each set equipped with two replaceable blades for easy replacement.

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