Water Cooling Chiller LS800/LS1850

  • One-key switch, easy operation

    It has high temperature alarm and water shortage alarm. The standard temperature is setted. An alarm will be triggered if the temperature exceeds this level.Safety and environmental protection, power saving and durable.

  • Water inlet

    LS800: Water tank capacity 10L

    LS1850: Water tank capacity 20L

  • High speed fan, high efficiency heat dissipation

    The water cooling chiller is an advance device, could achieve better cooling for the acrylic bending machine.

Aecfun-Water Cooling Chiller
Product NameWater Cooling Chiller
Product ModelLS800LS1850
Input Voltage220V220V
Working Power50W120W
Heat Exhaust800W1850W
Pump Lift1.8m1.8m
Water Tank Capacity10L20L
Product Packing
Carton SizeCarton:505(W)x405 (D)x405 mm(H)Carton:555(W)x505(D)x515 mm(H)
Packing Quantity1pcs/ctn1pcs/ctn
Net Weight13kg20kg
Gross Weight15.5kg23kg
Product Shiping Specs
Express ServiceAvailableAvailable
Product Maintenance
Warranty365days (exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)365days (exclude force majeuce,aritificial factors)


1. Easy operate

2. Low energy consumption and energy saving

3. Small and smart volume

Water cooling chiller is for water circulation cooling. It has high temperature alarm and water shortage alarm, and signal output reserved, safety and environmental protection, power saving and durable. Two specification optional.
When the acrylic bending machine is working, it need to put a water pump into a tank to achieving the aim of water circulation cooling. When the water temperature up to 50℃, it need to change the water. While the water cooling chiller could slove such problem, could ensure constant working, do not need change water.

Model Number

LS1850-1850W, LS800-800W


AC 100-240V


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