Acrylic bending machine ABM(Three heating module)

  • Optical Axis Guideway

    Moving smoothly,the space of heatings is adjustable to satisfy different size requirement.

  • Power Supply Drag Clain

    Insulation hidden power supply ensures electrical safety.

  • Midpiece Locator

    Except front locator,added midpiece locator,it makes single or duble heatings working mor convenient.

  • Separated Switches

    Every heating has separated switches controlled,could achieve working together or independently.

  • Water Pipe and Pump


Aecfun-Acrylic Bending Machine ABM
Product NameAcrylic Bending Machine
Product ModelABM703ABM1303
Working PrincipleThermal FormingThermal Forming
Applicable Length≦650mm≦1250mm
Heating tube3pcs3pcs
Applicable Thickness1-5mm1-5mm
Input Voltage110V/220V110V/220V
Working Voltage110V/220V110V/220V
Working Power3000W4500W
Temperature Range≤600℃≤600℃
Product Packing
Carton SizeCarton: 1020(W)x960(D)x200mm(H)Carton: 1620(W)x960 (D)x200 mm(H)
Packing Quantity1pcs/ctn1pcs/ctn
Net Weightkgkg
Gross Weightkgkg
Product Shiping Specs
20GP(General Purpose Container)237pcs150pcs
40GP(General Purpose Container)483pcs307pcs
40HQ(High Cube Container)545pcs347pcs
Express ServiceAvailableAvailable
Product Maintenance
CertificationCE Certification
Warranty365D(exclude force majeure,aritificial factors)


1) Available material: Acrylic board, Plexiglass.

2) Available thickness: 1-5mm

3) Available width: ABM703≤650mm, ABM1303≤1250mm

4) The heating gap width: 8mm (CAN NOT ADJUST).

5) Working voltage: 220V. Temperature: ≦600℃

6) The distance between three heating module can be adjusted to satisfy the different requirement of the size.

7) Circulating water cooling system by submerged pump(random color), keep the worktable stay in cool condition to protect hand and machine.

8) With length adjuster(removable)

1. Q: Is this the new acrylic bending machine?

A: Yes. Our bending machine was popular in past 7 years. According the feedback from our customers, we designed the new bending machine which with 3 heating modules, and 3 modules can be worked together. After full year’s testing, the new one start to sale from Feb. 2021.

2. Q: Does there any difference from the ABM series?

A: The new bending machine belongs to the ABM series. The ABM700/ABM1300 only have one heating tube. But new ABM703/ABM1303 with 3 heating tubes, you can get 3 ways at the same time.

3. Q: Can we bend one more ways in the same board?

A: Sure. Because this machine with 3 heating modules, specially for this requirement.

4. Q: Is 3 heating modules use the same switch to control?

A: No. Every heating tube with their own switch to control. You can choose one way, two ways or three ways, which satisfy different produce requirement.

5. Q: Can we adjust the distance between heating modules?

A: Yes. No.1 heating module is fixed, No.2 and No.3 heating modules are removable.

6. Q: Does the machine have the position adjuster?

A: Yes. Each item with 2 sets length adjuster. One in the front, the other one you can set it between heating modules. Please take care after disassembled.

7. Q: What materials can be folded?

A: Acrylic, plexiglass, PVC, PC, ABS, PP, etc.

8. Q: What is the applicable thickness?

A: 1-5mm. If your thickness >5mm, you can choose our other bending machine, check with our sales.

9. Q: What size do you have?

A: We have 2 sizes. ABM703: Available size<650mm; ABM1303: available size <1250mm

10. Q: What is the working principle of the acrylic bending machine?

A: Softening and bending of plastic plate by far Infrared heating.

11. Q: How many minutes should the user heat for 3mm?

A: About 15 seconds. The answer just fyi, different sheet from different factory maybe have the different answer.

12. Q: Is the temperature adjustable

A: Yes. You can adjust the temperature by temperature controller, ≦600℃ adjustable.

13. Q: Can we adjust the heating area?

A: No. The heating area is fixed. The available thickness is

14. Q: Can we bend cambered surface?

A: No. Our machine is specially for bending different angles. The cambered surface bending machine is still testing, you can check with our sale.

15. Q: Can we customize 2.4m bending machine?

A: No. The temperature of heating tube is limited, there is no such long size heating tube. And we are strict with our quality.

16. Q: Is the input voltage 110V?

A: Yes. Now, our voltage is optional, 110V or 220V. For example, Europe and China use 220V, North America and Japan use both 110V and 220V. Pls confirm the voltage with sale before making order.

17. Q: Can we change the plug?

A: The standard plug in our factory is: E.U plug, UK Plug, US plug and Chinese plug. If you need plug, pls send us the picture to confirm.

18. Q: How about the circulating water cooling system ?

A: The standard configuration for each item is: water pump *1, water tube *3. Pls prepare the bucket or other container by yourself for water. Full with the water, connect the machine and water pump by water tube. Put the pump into bucket and switch on to fill with the water of water tube. After long time working, the water temperature goes up. To achieve better cooling effect, pls change the water in bucket which up to 50℃。

19. Q: Do you have bucket?

A: No. The bucket’s volume is too big to carry. You can find the similar container in our daily life, like bucket, basin, or water tank, the recommend volume < 20L.

20. Q: How to cooling the water for long time working?

A: You can use a big water tank, or put some ice to cool the water. Or, you can buy the Cooling-water machine if possible.

21. Q: Does the machine have fans?

A: No. The machine circuit is independent, so there is no need to use the fan to inner cool.

22. Q: How about the warranty?

A: 12 months. Main warranty components: temperature control circuit board.

23. Q: Can i but more water tube?

A: Yes. The working time for each tube is 4000 hours. Each item have 3 heating tubes. And every bending machine have an extra heating tube for replacement for free before delivery. You can buy the heating tube according to your requirement.

24. Q: Can i buy more water pump?

A: Yes.

25. Q: Where is the replacement heating tube in Carton?

A: This heating tube is packed in an aluminium pipe(random color: black or silver). The heating tube is fragile, pls take care while taking out.

26. Q: How to replace the heating tube?

A: Plug off and make sure the heating tube is cooling completely. Open metal clamp beside heating tube, take out the broken one, and unlock the wire, replace the new heating tube as before. We can show you the videos and pictures fyi.

27. Q: Do you have CE certification?

A: Yes,we have CE certification.

The acrylic bending machine was liked by many users in past 7 years. And we have two new models: ABM703 and ABM1303.

The acrylic bending machine uses module design, with 3 heating module, everyone with independent switch to control.

The three heating modules can be worked together, which accelerate the product processing speed.

With chain design, the distance between every heating module can be adjusted easily, to satisfy the different requirement of the size, enhance the using experience.

Model Number

ABM1303-1300mm, ABM703-700mm


AC 220V


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