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  • Plexiglass Acrylic Trimmer/Cutter MT05

    Acrylic cutter/trimmer, specially designed for cutting acrylic sheet( plexiglass sheet), easy operation, makes the cutting edge smoothly.

    Available cutting thickness ≤5mm, Available cutting size: 25″ / 48″.

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  • Manual Paper Cutter MT01

    Manual paper trimmer MT01, specially for cutting large format graphic and foam board. Widely used in graphic studio, advertising workshop, helps to improve working efficiency. Normal size: 1600mm, 2600mm…

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  • Small format paper trimmer MT06

    Small format paper trimmer could satisfy the requirement from digital studio, advertising company for small poster cutting.

    Application materials: PP, photo graphic, film, PVC, KTboad etc..

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  • Manual Paper Trimmer MT02

    Manual paper trimmer MT02, trimmer and ruler in-one, for cutting different format graphic and foam board. Protable and easy to use. Normal size: 0.7m, 1m, 1.3m, 1.6m, 2m…

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  • Securcut/Safety Ruler MT03

    The safety ruler is also named securcut, made of high quality aluminuim alloy, standardized scale level, available to use with any trimmer or knife. Normal size: 0.7m, 1m, 1.3m, 1.6m, 2m…

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  • Foam Board V Groove Cutter NC01

    V Notch cutter NC01, specially designed for grooving KT board, with angle 90°&120°to make triangles and cubes. Small, useful and protable.

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  • Cutter for Corrugated sheetcoroplast NC02

    Notching cutter NC02, for grooving a uniform gap to fold corrugated sheet into arc, rounded, or any angle ( for advertising board, display frame, DIY, etc,.) Suitable for sheet hole width: 3mm &4mm (thickness ≥5mm).

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  • PP Hollow Board Cutter NC03

    Comfortable holding, easy to use, and ergonomic design.
    Two use modes can be convenient to switch, so that they can fit different use occasions.
    The knife head is easy for replacement, and each set equipped with two replaceable blades for easy replacement.

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  • Heating Textile Cutter HC101

    Heating cutter HC101, special designed for chemical fabric. Synchronized cutting and ironing. No running, no peeling off, no rough edge, to promote the post-processing. Easy to operate.

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