Why choosing the water cooling chiller?

The water cooling chiller is an advance device, could achieve better cooling for the acrylic bending machine.

Circulation cooling, better effect.

2, Don’t need change water, very convenient.

3. Stable equipment,more reliable.

4, simple operation, saving troulbe.

When using an acrylic bending machine,it always need water pump for circulating water cooling. It is easy to use, only need a bucket or tank with full water, then putting the water pump inside.

According to some feedback that when they have heavy work for making acrylic sign display, the acrylic bending machine is working all the time, even working more than 10hours. Under such heavy work, the water should have been heated. It need to change the water frequently. How to slove the inconvenient trouble? The advice is using a bigger water tank to reducing the water changing rate.

Ⅰ.The water cooling chiller specifically for acrylic bending machine.

Ⅱ.High speed fan, high efficiency heat dissipation

Ⅲ.One-key switch, easy operation

It has high temperature alarm and water shortage alarm. The standard temperature is setted. An alarm will be triggered if the temperature exceeds this level.Safety and environmental protection, power saving and durable.

Ⅳ. Application case:

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