What should we do when the water temperature of the acrylic bending machine rise

We got feedback from many customers that acrylic sign orders are busy now, which cause the long time working of the machine, sometimes working 10 hours continuously, then the circulating water got hot very soon. So that you need to change the water. Someone feels it is troublesome, how to do?

If you want to be lazy and use the hot water circulation, it will not only affect the life of the equipment and the life of the pump, but also affect the quality of the plate processing. According to the reality, we have some advises for your reference.

Method 1: Prepare a larger water tank

What we suggest is to prepare a large turnover box to be used as a water tank. It can hold more than 50L of water, and the larger the capacity, the better. Because the tank is big enough and there is more water, the water temperature rises slowly.

Some customers use a small bucket for convenience. Buckets are also possible. But buckets have two disadvantages:

1) The volume of water in a bucket is small.

2) The bucket’s opening is small, and its heat dissipation is not as fast as the turnover box.

Some customers will prepare two buckets and use them in turn, which is also a good idea. (Be careful not to get the water on the machine and the heating tube when changing water, because the heating tube will burst when it encounters cold water)

Therefore, we recommend using the turnover box more than the bucket. There are many sizes  and they are easy to buy.

You can check the below video to get another way to cool the water.

e.g: filling some ice into the water

Method 2: Equipped with a water cooling chiller

The water tank is open and exposed. In summer, it is easy to produce slimy dirt in the water, the workshop is dusty, and dirt will often fall into it. Although there is no need to change the water frequently because of the high water temperature, the water tank must be cleaned regularly because of dirty things. Some users still can’t accept it, how to do?

A water cooling chiller can help you. The water chiller can keep the water cool. We have tested a small water-cooled machine LS800, fit for 1.5KW bending machine; LS1850, fit for 4.5KW bending machine.

The following video shows a test of the water chiller, machine power is about 4.5KW, working for 8 hours, and the temperature of the water chiller is kept at about 30°. It can be used for a long time without any problems.

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