New Product- largeformat acrylic cutter

This  product will be show in Shanghai APPPEXPO(Mar 5th-8th,2019)

AECFUN NEW  PRODUCTS: Acrylic cutter is especially for cutting acrylic sheet(plexiglass sheet), the fixed straight track guides the cutting head, to achieve accurate force and improve cutting performance. The special design structure of cutting head, makes cutting safer. 

Easy to use

(1) Pressing the acrylic sheet on the workbench and  scraping a straight line gap on the plate with the hook  blade;

(2) Place the acrylic sheet with the notch on the  straight table at the right angle;

(3) Align the straight line gap of the acrylic sheet   with the straight line on the side of the table;

(4) Hold the rest board hardly with your hand and the  acrylic sheet will be disconnected immediately.

Hook  blade

Learn More:plexglass cutter

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