new Acrylic bender AM03 multi-heating tube

2021 NEW!!!

Acrylic bending machine ABM

(Three heating module)

The acrylic bending machine was liked by many users in past 7 years. And we have new model: ABM703 

The acrylic bending machine uses module design, with 3 heating module, everyone with independent switch to control. 

The three heating modules can be worked together, which accelerate the product processing speed.

With chain design, the distance between every heating module can be adjusted easily, to satisfy the different requirement of the size, enhance the using experience.


1) Available material: Acrylic board, Plexiglass.

2) Available thickness: 1-5mm

3) Available width: ABM703≤650mm, 

4) The heating gap width: 8mm (CAN NOT ADJUST).

5) Working voltage: 220V. Temperature: 0-600℃

6) The distance between three heating module can be adjusted to satisfy the different requirement of the size.

7) Circulating water cooling system by submerged pump(random color), keep the worktable stay in cool condition to protect hand and machine.

8) With length adjuster(removable)

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