Manual Paper Trimmer-cutting banners

Aecfun manual paper trimmer is a cutting tool for advertising coiled materials,KT board, foam board,etc…. Standardizes graphic cutting, improves working efficiency.

Good office assistant, 9 use advantages:

1、 1600mm and 2600mm two available width are to satisfy your different requirements. Vertical support creates comfortable hand feeling and makes cutting convenient when standing.

2、 The worktable is made of high quality aluminum alloy, the scale measures 1mm in detail.

3、 According to different thickness of different materials, blade depth is adjustable, the max depth is up to 12mm. And in order to make convenient and long time using, the paper trimmer adopts ordinary trapezoid blade in the market. Users can directly buy it from us, or somewhere else.

4、 The unique protective cover avoids injury during working.

5、 The warping cutting worktable is in favour of the entrance of the material, cooperating with the tool head to push the material to avoid the movement of the material.

6、 The cutting worktable could be separated with stand holder easily. Just put onto a flat surface for cutting.

7、 The tool head pushes the material lightly and then slides to cut, much quicker, easier.

8、 The storage bag is to collect debris, making the working environment more neat and clean.

9、 The paper trimmer is not only to cut paper, but also can cut engineering drawing, photographic paper, wall paper, transfer paper, car sticker, adhesive sticker, PVC,PP,KT board,etc…..

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