How to cut the plexiglass/Acrylic board easily?

This article is for people who need manual cutting acrylic board, please be patient to read. About the video, you can find at the end of article.

In fact, most of the work is also given to the machine, only a small amount, like proofing, model, courses, teaching research, DIY, etc. still need to work by hand. Manual cutting is mainly for some thin acrylic plates (within 5mm).


Manually cutting the acrylic board is a very tiring thing. Most of us use a hook knife with ruler, cutting repeatedly. You can always find the blisters on their hands

This is a simple, convenient and very affordable way.

What is the only problem? Not easy to cut straight. It is hard for you to press the board, so that the board is easy to move which cause the bad cutting effect and waste. What you want is the straight line effect on the right, but the reality is the left one. 


So upgrade this cutting method, optimize the manual tool, and make it easier to manually cut the acrylic sheet. What else? Prevent work injury! So use a better manual equipment to help you.

A straight line cutting

The cutting head is fixed by a linear guide, and the cutting line is not easily displaced. We suggest you to push the cutting head to cut the board which can exert your maximum power easier. 

Fixed on the table

It can be fixed on the table so that it does not move during work, and the quality of the cut is guaranteed.

3mm board

It is easier to cut the board within 3mm. Cut once, and break from one end, the fracture is smooth.

4-5mm board

Thicker boards, generally, requires the straight edge of the table. Cut a few times first and then break along the edges.

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