How to cut a notch in the foam board

1.Little Notching Expert

As the patented product of Aecfun, foam board notching cutter is easier to operate and align due to its unique positioning mark. Same blades can notch 2 angels: 90°and 120°. Modular assembly is easier to use, Mouse modeling is convenient to hold in hand, improving work efficiency.

product feature:

1)Cutting angel: 90°and 120°(to make triangle or cube)

2)Anti- wrestling, strong and durable, comfort grab feel.

3)The start bit and frontal and back point of the blades has the mark for alignment. 

4)Two models transform optionally, convenient to use assembly.

5)It adopts surgical blades which is sharp and durable.

6)The notching angel has been fixed, no need to adjust the depth of blades.

2.Good Notching Helper

Usage: Fitting closely to the 5mm KT board according to the marked direction line and then pulling lightly. Blunt bladed will affect working efficiency and quality, so please change the blade in time.

Application Material: KT board(5mm)

Cutting angel: 90° and 120°(to make triangle or cube, column, lucky dip etc..)

Working with advertising ruler, achieve a better effect.

The widespread application of KT board:

User-friendly notching cutter- a good helper for advertising making. We are trying our best to renew and optimize the item constantly and we believe you have much more creative application, wishing mutual progress with you.

3.The future of notching

Though the notching cutter is small, it can satisfy all your requirements of processing operation. This item is not only popular with customers at home, but also sells well abroad. It is well received by customers from fairs and offline for improving work efficiency and increasing profits. Advertising artifact with factory direct sale. Looking forward to your consulting and orders.

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