How to Bend Acrylic/plexiglass ?

What is Acrylic Bending Machine?

Acrylic is one of the frequently-used plastic plates in the market at present, so people call the device which can bend the acrylic into shapes “Acrylic Bending Machine”.

In the sense of the principle, it can bend the acrylic into shapes by heating and softening the plates. So it is also called plastic heat bender. Besides acrylic ,plastic plate such as plexiglass, PVC,PC,PP etc can also be bent. Widely speaking, it’s also called plastic bender.

What can Acrylic Bending Machine do?

Nowadays acrylic products are very common in our daily life. For example, QR Code boards, acrylic displays and price tags….all made of acrylic. 

Acrylic products are almost everywhere, including making a goods shelf and machine cover.

It is widely used in school technical curriculum, architectural models, decoration project,sign making, wrapping corner columns, wrapping fish tank edges, doors and windows edges, display cabinet, goods shelves in supermarket, advertising lamp boxes and crafts making ,.etc.

What’s the features of the Acrylic Bending Machine from AECFUN?

1. Adopted advanced infrared heating technology and circulating water cooling system. With Leakage protection, achieve high security.

2.  one minutes for preheating, temperature up to 600℃。

3. High speed. e.g. 3mm plate , 15 seconds to soft and bend.

4. According to different bending needs, heating gaps width can be adjustable from 0-20mm.

5. Equipped with angle adjuster & length adjuster, ensure bending standardization and unification. Suitable for mass production.

6. Two sizes are available. ABM 700(700mm heating tube) and ABM1300(1300mm heating tube).

Compared with fully-automatic machine ,what’s the advantages of AECFUN Acrylic Bending Machine? 

1. Small in size, flexible, easy to move to the spot for some special needs.

2. Easy to start up. Once inserting 220 Voltage, it can work. No compressor.

3. Easy operation. Basically, there is no need to specially train the operator . Don’t worry about the loss of people.

4. Small occupied area. No need to occupy too much space, one desk is enough.

5. Special for mass production and DIY.  It can set to work once starting it up.

6. Basically no after-sale services. The common problem is “How to replace the heating tube?” That’s easy to operation by yourself. The wires of heating tube are no positive and negative anodes, so that the maintenance time can be shorten and improve working efficiency.

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