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Automatic take up reel systems, made by JIAXING AECFUN COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD, has 4 types: T1/K3/K5/K8. As for the differences among them, please refer to below detailed introduction. Since it is a long article, it may takes nearly 6mins to finish reading.

I. What is take up reel system?

Take up reel system is an auxiliary device, used on a printer to roll up printing material automatically to save labour rolling time. Also it will help to make the rolled material more convenient in post production. Thus, it is also called graphic take up system, printer roller, fabric roller.

 II.Application materials:

1. Weater-based media: PP. Adhesive sticker, Transfer-paper, Pictorial cloth, etc.

2. Eco-solvent media Car sticker, Wallpaper, etc.

3. Sublimation media:Banner,Chemicl fabric without elasticity,etc.

Applicable printer:

Most common printers: MUTOH, ROLAND, MIMAKI, EPSON, CANON, ADDTOP, …etc

III.Take up system classification

Two types: Damper take up system, Inductive tension take up system

1. Damper take up system

Damper take up system is worked by motor running the damper friction, then drive paper tube rolling to wind the printing medias automatically. The bearing weight of take up system is adjusted by damper.

*Below are 3 different damper take up systems of AECFUN*

Advantages: Simple structure, low cost, widely-used, popular in the market

Disadvantages: Motor runs all the way. Motor life is short after long time working.

1) Because of the constant motor torque, when the media weight and diameter are changing, it should adjust damper to increase the friction to change the torque. While the actual media weight and diameter are constantly changing during printing, it is impossible to adjust damper at same time. It will cause uneven rolling strength to influence winding effect. E.g, the rolling strength could not be to heavy while printing PP. It may deform the PP material. But, if the strength is too light, it can not drive the rolling progress.

2) As to single motor and dual motor, from kinetic view, the driving weight will not change, no matter running by single motor or dual motor. i.e. dual motor take up system also can not solve the problem caused by overweight material. Only need to ensure the power of single motor is large enough.

3)Motor life of damper take up system is shorter than inductive tension take up system, because of the constant running motor, to keep the material is tightened during printing. If motor stopped, it will influence the rolling effect and quality.

2. Inductive tension take up system

Inductive tension take up system is working with a tension bar to strain the material. When tension bar runs down to a position, it will be induced by the sensor. Then the motor will be driven to wind the material. While, the tension bar runs high enough, the sensor will induced to stop the motor running. The take up system works repeated till the material finished winding.

*Below is inductive tension take up system of AECFUN*

 take up system T1

Advantages: Tidy rolling, long life of motor, suitable for both light and heavy material, long time working, save cost because of durable life.

1) Fixed weight of tension bar makes the constant strength during printing. According to different material and different requested strength, users could add additional weight for tension bar, to achieve printing more media materials.

2) Automatic inductive device, do not need manual adjustion. Tension bar works uniformly, ensures tidy rolling.

3) Inductive tension take up system works with high quality large power motor (24V, 36W), largest bearing weight up to 50kg. Because of the sensor device, the motor is not running all the time which ensure the motor durable with long life.

Disadvantages: seems higher cost than damper take up system, but it is worthy with durable life for less after-service.

IV.Comparisons of 4 take up systems

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