aecfun in 2020

This is AECFUN, a Chinese manufacture for producing advertising tools. We set many goals in 2020, but all the plans were disrupted by COVID-19.

In February 2020, in response to the country’s call to avoid going out, the workers got the longest vacation which they dreamed before. To ensure employees’ safety, BOSS said: We won’t start work till we have ample masks. So, the opening delayed again until March 2nd.

During the month of homeworking period, we only did three things:

First: report and confirm the safety of every employee every day.

Second: We decide to cancel all the exhibitions that we planed to participate in in the first half year of 2020, including the EUROSHOP GERMANY which we have bought the air tickets, When there was no any news about the changes of all the exhibitions at that time.

Third: In the chaotic market where many peers turn to speculative mask machine equipment, we determined our original mind.

On March 2nd, the first thing to opening: contact the overseas customers and friends actively, whether there is a demand for masks. We can supply the masks which meet standard for free within prescribed scope.

On March 13, a “Epidemic Awareness Risk Assessment Form” was sent to every employee from AECFUN. What is the impact on our industry and our own business by this new type of coronavirus COVID-19, which is classified as a “global pandemic” by the W.H.O.. This is not a test paper. The answer is imperfect and even cruel. It requires every employee to face the epidemic and think about the future of the company.

Serious thinking and positive change is the best way to face disasters.

About the APPPEXPO in July and SIGN CHINA in September, no overseas visitors. We have the communication with peers for the future and got the same viewpoint: expanding domestic sales. 

In Oct. 2020, AECFUN did a great job to co-hosted an itinerant exhibition “Express printing and graphic Lecture” with Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd, organized a public benefit activity, established a business communication platform to enhance information exchanging.

Looking back on 2020, the series plans for new product development, marketing and sales plans which set original are constantly changing and adjust. In such a difficult year, if a company survives, it wins. The advertising tool market in the future must be miniaturized and intelligent. AECFUN is firm in its goal to make tools “better and better”.

Perhaps this year we can also use the epidemic as a shield. In fact, in the constantly changing environment, no one can accurately predict the future. What we can do is to move to the specific direction and be prepared to adjust ourselves again and again.

On December 5, the 《TIMES》 official Twitter published the newest cover, with the postscript “The worst year ever”. Anyway, say goodbye to the terrible 2020 and wish us a happy new year! 2021 must be wonderful.

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