1. About purchasing your products

1.1 Q: How to purchase your product?

A: Please call us directly +86 573 82602726 or email us: admin@aecfun.com, or leave your messages on our website. Please leave your correct email address or IM ID. Our sales will check the message everyday and will contact you at once.

1.2 Q: Do you have any online store?

A: Yes, we have stores on TAOBAO, ALIBABA, AMAZON. You could buy our products there.

1.3 Q: Do you have any overseas stock?

A: Yes, we have a stock in NJ, U.S.A for parts of our products. For details, please contact our sales.

1.4 Q: Can we purchase a sample for trial order?

A: Yes, our sample is same as mass production, welcome to place the trial order.

2. About products

2.1 Q: Does your company do export trade?

A: Yes, we have overseas department for exporting. Actually, 90% of our products are for exporting.

2.2  Q:Does your product have any certificate?

A: Yes, our product has CE certificate.

2.3  Q: Does your product have any warranty?

A: Yes, different product has different warranty. For details, please ask our sales.

2.4  Q: Do you have 110 voltage machine for US market?

A: Yes, we have 110V machine for US market. For details, please ask sales before placing the order.

2.5  Q: Do you have British plug for British market?

A: Yes, we have plugs in British standard, E.U.standard, U.S standard, C.N standard. For other standard plug, if it can be find qualified in Chinese market, we could exchange as your demand. Please contact our sales before placing the order.

2.6 Q: Can you accept OEM?

A:Yes, we can do OEM, according to your exact quantity of products. Please contact us our sales for details.

2.7  Q: Does your product have any instructions?

A: Yes, every products has instructions in the package. If needed, please contact sales for E-instruction or video guidance.

3. About catalog

3.1 Q: Do you have catalog?

A: Yes, we will update the printed catalog and E-catalog every year. Also, you can download any product catalog from our website, or ask our sales to get.

3.2 Q: Can you post the printed catalog to us if we needed?

A:Yes, please leave your detailed address and email information. We will arrange the poster.

3.3 Q: Will you dispatch catalog at any exhibition?

A: Yes, we dispatch our new catalog at exhibition every year, both Chinese version and English version.

3.4 Q: Can i have the separated catalog only for the product which I prefer?

A: Yes, we have detailed separated catalog for every product.

4. About exhibition

4.1 Q: Do you attend any exhibition in China?

A: Yes, we attend APPPEXPO exhibition in March and SIGN CHINA exhibition in September in Shanghai every year.

4.2  Q: Do you attend any overseas exhibition?

A: Yes, we attend SGIA in October in U.S.A. If we attend any other exhibition, we will update the information on our website.

4.3  Q:Will you show new products at the exhibition?

A: Yes, if any new product, we will email to clients first, then bring to the exhibition to show the real products. Actually, most of our products are brought to exhibition.

4.4  Q: How to know your exhibition information?

A: We will update in your website for the exhibition information, also will send E-invation to any clients that we contacted before. If needed, please leave your company information and email address.

4.5 Q: Do you have any photos of the past exhibitions?

A: Yes, we will take photos and post on our website for every exhibitions. That’s our cherish experience.

5. About company

5.1 Q: Where’s your company location?

A: Our company locates in Jiaxing city, Zhejiang province, in east-south of China.

Between Shanghai and Hangzhou, nearly 1hour for self-driving,or 30mins by train.

To Yiwu city, nearly 2.5hours for self-driving, or 80mins by train.

5.2 Q:How long was your company founded?

A:Our company was founded in 2013. It has been 8years till 2020.

5.3 Q: What’s your main business?

A: We are speciliazied in designing and making advertising tools.

5.4 Q:Do you have your own factory?

A: Yes, we have own factory for production. Our products are developed and produced by ourselves.

5.5 Q: Can i visit your factory?

A: Yes, we are appreciated you to visit our factory at any time. Please make a appointment with our sales.

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