Small size,easy to operate,suitable for advertising sign factories, sign shop.

Cooperate with UV flatbed printing, you can make a variety of display cards, bringing you huge business opportunities.

Applicable to all kinds of plastic plates: acrylic, plexiglass, PC, PVC, etc.

The acrylic bending machine equipped with three heating module, all the heating module worked together to achieve once forming, accelerate the product processing speed and improve work efficiency.

Water cooling chiller has high temperature alarm and water shortage alarm,and signal output reserved, safety and environmental protection, power saving and durable. Two specification optional.

Manual paper trimmer MT01, specially for cutting large format graphic and foam board. Widely used in graphic studio, advertising workshop, helps to improve working efficiency. Normal size: 1600mm, 2600mm…

Small format paper trimmer could satisfy the requirement from digital studio, advertising company for small poster cutting.

Application materials: PP, photo graphic, film, PVC, KTboad etc..

Cutting and laminating heavy materials in post-production, it provides the functions of loosening and unwinding. Easy pulling to improve work efficiency.

About us

Jiaxing AECFUN Commercial Equipment Co.,Ltd (hereafter referred to briefly as AECFUN) was founded in 2013, specialized in manufacturing and selling auxiliary equipments of digital printer, such as take up system and media dryer for famous printer brand MUTOH, ROLAND, MIMAKI…etc.

Since 2015, AECFUN expanded production line, developed a series of advertising tools, existing products: Take up system, Media dryer, Textile take-up&feeding system, Heating cutter, KT foam board notching cutter, Corrugated plastic sheet notching cutter, Advertising ruler, Paper trimmer, Electric paper trimmer, Manual paper trimmer machine, Acrylic bending machine…etc.

AECFUN always adheres to the concept of “ Do not slight every product, treated with sincerity”, focus on developing useful and practical advertising tools as our development goals. To guide independent development and promoting products under the refined management.

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